Featured Alumnae

A key benefit of membership in Alpha Sigma Tau is our opportunity to connect with a variety of successful women nationwide. As members of this Sisterhood, we're able to network and establish relationships with Alpha Sigma Taus with varying backgrounds, industry experience, interests, and more.

Since Alpha Sigma Tau's establishment at our university, we've had many remarkable Sisters graduate and succeed in a variety of ways. Here are a just a few successful alumnae from our chapter who are great role models and always willing to connect and provide advice.

Whitney Munro graduated in 2018 and left for missions in 2019. She just spent the last 11 months serving in over 12 countries. She worked with orphans, Gypsy’s, addicts and others across the countries teaching them about God’s love. She spent 4 of those months in Africa teaching English.

Kris Wilcox is an actress, director and producer. She directed and produced Empowered (2018). She also acted in a variety of TV shows such as Girls Night, Space Command and Indian Ben.